• At least now I know’

    At least now I know’

    PHUMZILE SOKANYILE NDAMAZULU, EASTERN CAPE Trauma stalks the families of Marikana’s slain. This is most apparent in the hunted look in the eyes of their widows. In March this year Nocingile Sokanyile appeared harried and dis-orientated — as if, since the death of her husband Phumzile on August 13 last year, she had been on…

  • He was not there to strike

    He was not there to strike

    FEZILE SAPHENDU KWAYIMANI, EASTERN CAPE In the rural Eastern Cape, Saturdays are for attending funerals and Sundays for going to church and football matches. With televisions and newspapers a scarcity, Ntombi Saphendu, the sister of miner Fezile David Saphendu, first heard about the massacre at a funeral on August 18. “One of the speakers at…